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All stars 7?

Wondering how often the API is updated, when it'll include AS7 data. Thanks!

Wanted to share a project using this API

Hi there, Myself and two others used this API in a final project for a graduate web development course at Northeastern University last fall (2021). It's kind of a fantasy league/social media(ish) site, where users can make "rosters" of their favorite queens, comment on each others rosters, and view info on queens (seasons, challenges, etc). Don't click too fast when using it - you might hit the API limit :). Thought the API developers would get a kick out of it! you can find the site here: https://eloquent-brown-19bc14.netlify.app/ and the source: https://github.com/osbornnick/NextGenDragRace Cheers

Do you all need help updating data

Hey there! I just graduating a coding boot camp and hungry for more! I'm knowledgable in Ruby on rails, SQL, MongoDB, Mongoose, and JSON. I actually used this API for my unit one project! If you would like help! Here is my github pages link for reference! https://pages.git.generalassemb.ly/Mrricardom/Astrological-library/

How can I get all queens from an all stars season?

http://www.nokeynoshade.party/api/seasons/AS1/queens http://www.nokeynoshade.party/api/seasons/A1/queens The above two options don't work for me, how can I access all the queens from an All Star Season? Also, how can I correctly access seasons with two-digit numbers? http://www.nokeynoshade.party/api/seasons/10/queens I believe returns a different object than season 10 Thank you for your help, having fun using this API for a project!

Help with API

Hi, The info for this API is quite a bit behind (wrong id for S11 winner, no winner for A4, No info for Season 12 or All-Stars 5) Any chance you'd be open to help with keeping this updated? I'd love to get involved if you need a hand.

Image Url in queens object inside the season/challenge/lipsync JSON

Hi, This might be a suggestion, to put the image_url when you generate the data for the season, or generally when you generate some queens data for the challenges, lipsyncs etc. In my case i have to make another request in a loop to get the image_url for each queen, and that makes my application way more slow, than maybe jusst having the image_url "always" available.